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Be safe while working around electricity

We want you to be safe when you are doing home improvements or repairs to the outside of your home. If you are getting ready to replace the siding on your home, paint or power wash your house, or do any other work, please submit the form below to request a safety inspection before you start working.

During the safety inspection, we will determine if the area where your electricity service connects to your house is safe to work around.  We’ll inspect the service cable, weatherhead, connections and connectors to determine if they are in good condition. And, we'll let you know if all is safe to proceed. If an unsafe condition is found that is our responsibility to repair, we will make the repair immediately. If the repair is not possible at the time of the inspection, a protective cover will be installed until the repair can be made. The protective cover will be automatically removed after 120 days. If we find an unsafe condition related to your home or equipment, and a protective cover cannot be installed to make the area safe, we'll let you know.

There is no additional charge for an inspection or repair we make to our equipment. The inspection is good for 120 days. If your work continues beyond 120 days, please contact us at 800.750.4000.

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