Energy Manager For Business

Energy Manager For Business

Understanding your energy use can help your business identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

For the first time, because of your smart meter, you can view and analyze your electricity usage data online with our free program: Energy Manager for Business.

Enroll online to gain access to Energy Manager.


  • Analyze your usage with Load and Usage analysis
  • Download of interval data collected by your smart meter
  • Export reports in PDF or excel formats
  • Collect energy use information and document data over time
  • Identify peak demand and demand patterns
  • Compare the energy usage of your facilities to each other
  • Make changes to your business processes to lower your overall demand and energy costs


All profiles with Medium General Service (MGS), Industrial General Service (IGS) and Large General Service (LGS) accounts have access to see data online.  A CMP profile can have more than one account.

Log in or create an account to access Energy Manager for Business.

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  • Energy Manager tutorial - Getting started, reading your Load Analysis report, creating Trending and Usage & Variance reports, and  changing account being viewed.
  • Glossary - key words and phrases used in the Energy Manager

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below for additional information.

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Demand is the rate at which electricity is used at any one given time. Demand is measured in kilowatts (kW). Demand meters measure both kW and kWh. To measure demand, electric meters record the average demand usage over each 15-minute period and record the highest (peak) period for the billing cycle.

Your data is private and secure. Data can only be accessed through the secure login.

Data is refreshed each morning.

  1. Click “Select Meters” on any of the report tabs,
  2. Choose the tab called “Switch Customer”
  3. In the account number field enter “0” (a zero), then your account number with no spaces or dashes.
  4. Choose “Filter Selection”
  5. Click the radio button next to the meter that appears on the right hand side of the screen.
  6. Choose “select”.
  7. On the meter list screen click the box next to the meter
  8. Click “select” at the bottom of the screen.

Energy Manager for Business presents 15 minute or hourly interval data received from your smart meter each day. Your bill is based on readings from your meter at the beginning and end of your billing cycle. Occasionally individual meter readings are not received, which could cause the usage represented in Energy Manager for Business to differ from the usage information represented in your bill. You can note any missing individual meter readings at the bottom of the load analysis or usage and variance reports in a warning message.

You can download your data when you log into your account. Just click the button "Download My Data" on the lower right side.

You can compare your usage to temperature and to heating and cooling days by using the Trending Report in the Energy Analysis tab.

Please see the tutorial for step by step instructions with screen shots.

We receive data from your smart meter once per day. The data is validated before it is loaded into Energy Manager for Business. The data in Energy Manager for Business will be between 20 and 40 hours old.

You will see data the morning following registering an account or adding an additional account to your profile.

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