Helping our Schools

Safety City

CMP wants you and your family to understand how to be safe around power lines and other structures.  We invite students of all ages to watch Mr. Mike Shutts, manager of environmental health and safety talk about what to do – and more importantly – what NOT to do around power lines with the residents in this “Safety City” demonstration.


Join the Power Adventure Team

Explore the Electric Universe! With information for everyone, you can find a section tailored to many ages and interests. Learn about electricity and safety at home or in school, gain wise energy use tips while making good choices for the environment and play games!


We help community organizations support the education of Maine's children

From grade school to college, we are working to support students as they prepare for success.

Training Future Line Workers

For years, we have partnered with Kennebec Valley Community College, providing donations of cash and equipment and lending expertise to the college's Electrical Line Worker Technology Program.

More than 570 students have completed the program since its inception in 1990. Following graduation, 91.3% are employed within six months, earning an average salary of $60,908.

Avangrid Foundation and Central Maine Power joined Kennebec Valley Community College in celebration of this new milestone in education program. Read more


Renewable Energy

Want to know more about the power of wind energy or other energy sources? Here are some links to check out:


Electricity Safety Posters

Teach your students or your children to be safe around electricity with our safety posters. Make as many copies as you need.

Use the full-color version for display, use the black and white version for children to color.


Lightning Safety

The national weather service's lightning safety website has safety information, photos, stories, teacher tools and a children's page.