First Responder Training

Responding to Utility Emergencies

We are pleased to provide you with a valuable new training resource

CMP Emergency Contact Number: 800.696.1000


Created for Fire, EMS, Police/Security, Public Works, Contractors, and Community Officials, Responding to Utility Emergencies (RTUE) offers FREE training to help you understand the hazards and maintain personal safety when working near electric and gas utilities and dealing with electric and gas emergencies.

Our training resource has two areas of focus:

These areas of focus will:

Each training identifies the responsibilities, hazards,  precautions, safety zones, and the role of each agency, and how to integrate and coordinate each agencys  response effectively and safely.

This in-person training conducted by Central Maine Power’s Public Education Team will provide an overview of storm response procedures, an introduction to our Transmission & Distribution systems, including substations, and address common issues faced when responding to electrical emergencies involving our system.

To schedule an in-person training, please email, adding “RTUE” in the subject line along with your contact information in the body of the email.

Download a PDF of this information for printing and distributing offline as needed.