Maintaining rights-of-way with Herbicides

Years of experience and study show that the safest and most efficient way to keep electric rights-of-way clear of trees and brush is through the careful use of herbicides. We use a selective herbicide program that assures safe and easy access for our service and maintenance needs while preserving natural surroundings - including wildlife habitat - for all to enjoy.

With less competition for moisture, sunlight and nutrients, a meadow-like setting filled with beneficial grasses and wildflowers thrives. Studies show this actually enhances wildlife habitat by promoting grasses, low growing shrubs and other ground cover preferred by birds, deer and other small animals.

The herbicides we use work on proteins found only within plants, not people or animals. These compounds enter through leaves and stems to control the plant from the inside. What's more, the products we use have undergone years of testing. The EPA approves such products for use only after determining they will not adversely affect people, animals or the environment when properly applied.

We require crews that apply herbicides to follow strict usage guidelines. Workers who apply herbicides must hold a pesticide application license from the state in which they work or they must work under the direct supervision of a certified applicator. Furthermore, they must conform to all state and federal laws.


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