Historical Pricing

Rate Bulletins

To review the historical pricing for the following services, please click on the description below to download an Excel document.

 Rate  Bulletin Description
Currently Effective Rate Bulletins
1.9 TOU HOLIDAY Legal Holidays for Time-of-Use Rate Application
A Residential Service
AELECTECH Residential Service - Electric Technology Rate
AL Area Lighting Service
A-LM Load Management Service
A-SEASONAL Seasonal Residential Service
A-TOU Residential Service - Time-Of-Use
A-TOU-OPTS Residential Service - Optional Time-Of-Use
B-EHB Optional Targeted Service: Rate B-EHB Easy Hours For Business
IGS-P-TOU Intermediate General Service - Primary Time-Of-Use
IGS-S-TOU Intermediate General Service - Secondary Time-Of-Use
LGS-P-TOU Large General Service - Primary Time-Of-Use
LGS-S-TOU Large General Service - Secondary Time-Of-Use
LGS-ST-TOU Large General Service - Subtransmission Time-Of-Use
LGS-T-TOU Large General Service - Transmission Time-Of-Use
MGS-P Medium General Service - Primary
MGS-P-TOU Medium General Service - Primary Time-Of-Use
MGS-S Medium General Service - Secondary
MGS-S-TOU Medium General Service - Secondary Time-Of-Use
SGS Small General Service
SGS-TOU Small General Service - Time-of-Use
SL Street Lighting Service

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