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If you're interested in obtaining electrical service at your home or business, please call our Customer Relations Center. Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you obtain new service or disconnect an existing service. Find out more about a poly-phase line extension

Residential service: 800.750.4000
Commercial / Industrial service: 800.565.3181 

New Service Coordinator for Single-Phase Customers

Our team of New Service Coordinators will serve as liaisons between you, a single-phase customer, establishing new service and the Central Maine Power. From working with contractors, to navigating the many forms and permits required for establishing service, the New Service Coordinators will be here for you to ensure you have all the help you need through the entire new service process.  

Your Service Coordinator will be in contact within 2 business days from the date your request for service is created. Your Service Coordinator will provide you with their contact information as well as:

The Service Coordinator will also continue to monitor your job and interact with you until your service is energized.

Installation Checklists

Whether you're installing a new permanent, temporary, or privately built line, please make sure you review all the steps in the new installation process with our convenient checklists.

Forms and Permits

If you need to get new service established at your home or business, we have forms and resources that will be helpful to get you connected or reconnected. 

Getting Connected

Our packet of checklists, forms, and other resources will walk you through the process of installing new electric service. 

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