How We Restore Power


With our Emergency Service Restoration Plan, our crews are able to repair downed lines and restore power to customers within the shortest time possible.

While restoring everyone's power is important, getting critical facilities back on line at places like hospitals and shelters is a priority. 

Here's a look at how power is restored:

  1. Our crews are dispatched to restore power where it is critical to protect life and keep the community safe: hospitals, nursing homes, media outlets, police and fire stations.
  2. Electricity gets to homes from a series of substations that serve as relay points as power travels to communities throughout the region. One of our very first priorities is repairing damage to those substations so electricity will flow to the distribution and branch lines beyond.
  3. Distribution and branch lines carry electricity to your neighborhood on its way to your home. We restore distribution lines called "primary feeders" first, because they serve many neighborhoods. Then we repair and restore power to branch lines that extend from those primary feeders.
  4. Sometimes restoring service to substations and transmission lines including primary feeders and branch lines is just the beginning.
  5. Breaks also may occur in your neighborhood where many single lines supply individual homes. Our crews assess damage to entire neighborhoods by driving down individual streets to identify these single line problems. Then they return to the exact location of damage after distribution and branch lines are back in service. 


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