Report Streetlight Outage

We know you're counting on us to keep the lights on in your town! You can help by using this convenient form, with a few simple details, to report a street light that is not working.

If there’s a streetlight out in your neighborhood, please report it to us by completing and submitting the form below. It’s important you provide the:

  • location of the streetlight,
  • nearest cross street, and
  • pole number - usually located on a metal strip attached to the pole; not all poles may have this metal strip.

If you are reporting more than one streetlight outage, please complete and submit a separate form for each streetlight outage.

If there is a streetlight out within the following municipalities, please use the contact information below to make a report. CMP does not own or maintain the streetlights within these municipalities.



Streetlight Problem? Report it here.

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Is the Light on a Public Street?

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Streetlight Problem

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  • How do I report an outage?  
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