Planned Maintenance

About Maintenance and Repair Outages

On occasion, it may be necessary to temporarily interrupt your electricity service so that we may safely perform maintenance and repairs of the electricity delivery system.

These improvements are being made to increase the reliability of your electricity service in your neighborhood.

We'll work safely and as quickly as possible to minimize any inconveniences. Thank you for your patience.

Upcoming Planned Outages

Date and Time:  Saturday, September 21, 2019 from 12:01 am to 3:00 am

Rain Date:  Sunday, September 22, 2019 from 12:01 am to 3:00 am                 

Town Affected:  Canton

Streets Affected:  Bennett Rd, Bixby Rd, Bonney Rd, Campbell Rd, Canton Rd, Canton Lewiston Rd, Church St, Commonwealth Dr, Commonwealth Rd, Community Hall Rd, Corn Shop Line, Cyr Rd, Dearborn Rd, Drake Rd, Dyke Rd, Dyke Drive, Gilbertville Rd, Golden Ridge Rd, Harding Dr, Hartford Court, Hartford Rd, Hayford Court, Hayfords Court Rd, Hodge Rd, Jewett Hill Rd, Lake Rd, Lake Shore Dr, Laplante Rd, Lindley Lane, Lindley Road, Main Rd, Main St, Maxwell Farm Rd, Meadow View Rd, Pinewoods Rd, Pleasant Rd, Pleasant St, Primrose Lane, Ranger Mill Rd, School St, Somers Dr, Staples Hill Rd, Steep Dr, Tom York Rd, Turkey Lane, Turner Rd, Turner St, Virgin Lane, Virgin St, Water District Lane, Whitney Brook Lane



Jim Wright, CMP Supervisor,
Transmission and Maintenance



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