Understand Your Usage

Electric usage varies from day to day and month to month, depending upon a variety of factors including how many people in your home, your daily habits, the weather, and the time of year.

Spending more time at home

The changes in your routine due to COVID-19 may find you spending a lot of time at home and your daily energy use patterns may change. Consider these changes that could impact your energy use:

  • Fuller house - Kids home all day? College kids home early? Adult children staying at home with you?
  • More hot water -  For more showers and baths for the fuller house?
  • More laundry -  More people in the house – more clothes to wash and dry?
  • Cooking more -  How many more meals are you cooking at home?
  • Stocking up -  Did you plug in an extra refrigerator or freezer for your groceries?
  • More dishes -  More meals means more dishes to wash
  • Working from home -  Laptops and monitors on all day - How many in your home are now doing this? Are there more mobile devices to charge every day/night now?
  • Staying comfortable -  Maybe using a space heater to warm up your home office or using an air conditioning to cool it off?
  • Staying busy -  Kids gaming or watching movies – individual devices all plugged in?
  • Working out - At home on the treadmill instead of at the gym?

Now you know if having the kids
home from college is impacting more
than just the grocery bill,
thanks to Usage Alerts

Receive alerts and updates about your electricity usage and estimated cost - all made possible by your smart meter! You can pick how you get them: text, email, phone – or any combination of those! You can choose to receive any of the following alerts:

  • Usage Update: Receive weekly updates with your usage, estimated cost, and daily averages for the current billing period.
  • Usage Amount Exceeded: Set a monthly electricity usage or dollar amount and we'll notify you if/when you exceed that amount.
  • Usage Change: We'll notify you of big changes to your daily usage. Specifically, if your daily usage is 50% higher or 75% lower than your past 30-day average usage for three days in a row.

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Energy Manager

Track your energy usage online, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. With Energy Manager, you can create a checklist of ways to save and get helpful tips for managing your electricity use.

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Home Energy Calculator

Enter your appliance information to get an understanding of how different appliances in your home affect your overall costs.

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Tips to help you manage your energy use while spending time at home


  • Turn off lights whenever you leave a room or don't need them
  • Use task lighting over desks, tables and workbenches
  • Take advantage of natural light whenever possible


  • Use the air-drying option instead of heat drying. Or better yet, turn off the drying cycle, open the dishwasher and let the contents air dry


  • Keep your refrigerator temperature setting just low enough to chill milk (38-40 degrees F) and the freezer low enough to keep ice cream hard (around 5 degrees F)
  • Did you know, every time you open your refrigerator, approximately 30% of the cold air escapes?


  • Instead of opening your oven door to check what’s cooking look through the window.

Small Appliances

  • Use advanced power strips to eliminate any ‘standby’ power that many devices consume even when turned off.

Hot Water

  • Set your water heater at 120 degrees F (Many are preset at 140 degrees F)

Your electricity use it's simple math:


For example: How much energy does my clothes dryer use?

A clothes dryer = 3,000 watts
Divide that wattage by 1,000 to get the # of kilowatts = 3 kilowatts
Multiply the kilowatts (3) by the number of hours used (1) (equals one load) = 3 kWh (number of kilowatt hours used to dry your clothes)
Multiply the kWh (3) by the cost (14.5 cents per kWh*) = $.44 (cost per load to dry your clothes)

*The total cost per kWh for customers with Standard Offer supply is 14.5 cents
(CMP delivery is 7.2 cents and Standard Offer Supply is 7.3 cents) Your supply rate may vary if you have selected a different supplier – check your bill for your supply price.


Wonder how much electricity all the different items in your home use?

Use our FREE Energy Calculator to find out what each costs to run.
Use the miscellaneous section of the calculator to complete the calculation above for a single appliance!



  • To estimate the hours used, think about how your appliances operate – does the appliance cycle on and off all day? Is it on steady for 8 to 10 hours?
  • Look at your billing period – remember your monthly bill may not be a calendar month.
  • Look at your bill to find the cost of your delivery charges (page 2) and your electricity supply (page 3).

Get the kids involved!

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