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Filing a Damage Claim

We understand that you have suffered a loss and that you believe we may be responsible. If we are responsible, we are sorry and we want to promptly and fairly compensate you for your loss. To evaluate your claim, we must determine how the incident happened, whether or not we caused it, the extent of the damages, and what the law considers fair compensation.

Below you will find frequently asked questions about filing a claim with us.

If you are seeking damages as a result of a storm, the best option for you is to file a claim through your own insurance company. Please use the form located below only if there is clear evidence that we were negligent. In general, we are not responsible for damages that are caused by your use of electricity on your premises, or that are the result of forces beyond our control, such as unplanned service interruptions. For example, in most instances we are not responsible for power outages or voltage fluctuations caused by weather-related conditions (such as lightning, extreme storms, hail or wind) or other acts of nature, or accidents beyond our control (such as automobiles striking poles) that cause your loss.

Below you will find frequently asked questions about filing a claim with us.

Property and Casualty Claim Form

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