A special message from our President and CEO, Joe Purington

At Central Maine Power Company, we are proud to have knowledgeable, well trained customer service representatives who can talk to you about the many options available if you are facing challenges in paying your electricity bill.

CMP does not supply electricity and we do not control the cost of supply, even though the charge appears on your CMP bill. The Maine Public Utilities Commission has announced a sizeable increase in the cost of the Standard Offer Provider supply cost, which took effect January 1, 2022. You can see your supplier and their charges on page 3 of your bill.

We can offer you free tools to understand and manage your energy usage so you can make choices in your home and perhaps reduce your usage and cost. We can also offer you guidance about payment plans and sources of assistance if your bill will be difficult to pay. We ask that you call us so we can take the time to explain these options and help you plan. You can reach us at 800.750.4000, Monday through Friday, from 7:30am - 6pm.

As a native Mainer I know how long the Maine winters can be. As the President and CEO of CMP I’d like to help you find a way to make the season less challenging.


Joe Purington
President and CEO, Central Maine Power Company

More Information 

The Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) approved an annual adjustment of CMP residential electric delivery prices effective July 1, 2022. The residential electric delivery rate will decrease by 5.5% resulting in a reduction of $3.40 per month for the average residential customer using 550 kWh per month. Current delivery pricing for all rate classes can be found below.

MPUC press release can be viewed here.

To learn more about a particular rate, download a PDF description of its availability and charges.

 Rate (Rate Code)


  Rate Tariff Index
A  Residential Service
AL Area Lighting Service
A-LM  Residential Load Management Service


Residential Service - Time-Of-Use
A-TOU-OPTS  Residential Service - Optional Time-Of-Use
Optional Targeted Service Rate: B-DCFC General Service - Electric Vehicle Direct Current Fast Charger
B-ES Optional Targeted Service Rate: B-ES General Service - Energy Storage
Optional Targeted Service Rider: B-SVA General Svc - Steady Volume Advantage
GS-DF General Service - Dual Feed
IGS-P-TOU Intermediate General Service Primary Time-of-Use
IGS-S-TOU  Intermediate General Service Secondary Time-of-Use
LGS-P-TOU Large General Service - Primary Time-of-Use
LGS-S-TOU  Large General Service - Secondary Time-of-Use
LGS-ST-TOU Large General Service - Subtransmission Time-of-Use
LGS-T-TOU Large General Service - Transmission Time-of-Use
MGS-P  Medium General Service - Primary
MGS-P-TOU Medium General Service - Primary - Time-of-Use
MGS-S  Medium General Service - Secondary
MGS-S-TOU  Medium General Service - Secondary Time-of-Use
MMI  Optional Targeted Service: Maine-Made Incentive General Service - Economic Development Rider
O  Temporary Power Rate
PTZ  Optional Targeted Service:
Pine Tree Development Zone (PTZ) General Service Economic Development Rider
R  Retired Employee Residential Service
R-TOU  Retired Employee Residential Service Time-of-Use
SB Standby Service
SGS  Small General Service
SGS-TOU  Small General Service Time-of-Use
SL  Street Lighting Service
W-1 (cancelled) Wholesale Service (cancelled)

Pricing FAQs 


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  • Can I enroll in AutoPay Service?  
  • What options do I have to pay my bill?  
  • What options do I have to purchase my electricity supply?