Our People

Our employees are hardworking, caring Mainers just like you, and they push CMP to be better every single day.

At CMP, our people are what powers us on. You’ll see videos here introducing you to some of the men and women who help power on Maine every day.

Meet our V.P. of Customer Service, Linda Ball

We’d like to introduce Linda Ball, our VP of Customer Service. Linda started with our company as a customer service rep more than 20 years ago and has worked her way through our organization, always focused on making CMP a company that is dedicated to the needs of every individual customer. Linda is determined to help CMP improve and to help the team resolve customer issues efficiently and satisfactorily. Watch Linda as she explains how she plans to use her position to improve the CMP customer experience.


Meet our Customer Champion, Dawn Hill

As part of our efforts to serve our customers better, we’ve brought on Dawn Hill to be our Customer Champion. Dawn comes from outside CMP, and with a background that includes six terms as a representative in the Maine State Legislature, she knows how to address the needs of her fellow Mainers. Dawn is excited about the opportunity to help build a better customer service experience, day by day. If you’d like to speak to Dawn about your experience as a CMP customer, you can connect with her by email below or call her at 207-337-3689.

Photo of Dawn Hill

Meet our other employees:

Our employees are mothers, fathers, friends, and neighbors who love Maine down to its core. Each day, they push CMP to be better to help us all power on.

Jason, Manager of Regional Operations, Portland Division


Alpay, Line Supervisor


Jeff, Safety Specialist


Ethan, Lineworker Apprentice


Paul, Lineworker Troubleshooter


Sue, Director of Electric Supply


Kevin, Emergency Preparedness


Melody, Customer Service Representative


Paul, Unit Manager of High Voltage Transmission


Sam, Lineworker