Wood Harvesting

Please contact us before harvesting wood on or adjacent to our transmission line corridors

We want to ensure that any wood harvesting work conducted on or near its corridors are performed in a safe manner. Wood harvesting work under or adjacent to electric transmission lines could result in personal injury, damage to the transmission lines, environmental damage or unauthorized timber trespass.

Call Before You Begin

You can call us at 800.876.3260, email realestateservices@cmpco.com, or file the Transmission R/W Request Initiation form. Whether we own the property or have easement rights, you must contact us whenever a transmission power line is involved. Each transmission line pole has an aluminum tag close to eye level. The section number and pole number identified on the tag will help us to locate your work site. When calling, please provide this information.

We will meet with individuals on site to determine a safe and environmentally sound plan for the use of our corridor and to answer questions about property lines. Allow sufficient time in your planning process for us to evaluate your request. A license will be issued addressing safety measures, environmental compliance and legal standards, including the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Maine Land Use Planning Commission (LUPC) guidelines for erosion control, woods road construction, wetland and stream crossing and other applicable guidelines and regulations.

Our corridors contain a variety of underground facilities including, gas pipelines and fiber optic cables. Prior to any proposed excavation, the Dig Safe Call Center at 1-888-DIG-SAFE (888.344.7233) must be contacted.

During and after any operation, the area will be inspected by a CMP representative. It will be the operator's responsibility to repair, and pay for, any damages to our property resulting from the operation and the repairs must be made to our satisfaction.


  • Never load wood under the wires. Yard and load wood only on the outer edge of the cleared corridor.
  • Never stack logs or pulpwood directly under the transmission wires or any closer than 25 feet from any pole or guy wire.
  • All vehicles and machinery crossing the corridor must be a distance of at least 25 feet from poles or guy wires at all times.

Failure to seek permission or comply with the provisions in the license could result in the violation of local, state and federal laws and regulations, a potentially fatal accident and/or significant financial liability.