Recreational Uses

Our corridors are generally open to the public for a variety of recreational activities

Uses may be prohibited on sections of corridors on which we only have an easement, where there are reservations in the deed to us, or where we leased or licensed rights to others. For example, recreational use of corridors may be prohibited where others have agricultural rights.

Hiking, Bird-Watching, Bicycling and Other Non-Motorized Uses

Hiking, bird-watching, bicycling and other non-motorized uses are generally allowed on our fee-owned corridors, except where expressly prohibited. Abutting owners may have reserved rights, such as agricultural rights, that may limit these activities. If you have a question concerning a specific area, please contact us.

Snowmobiling and ATV Use 

Organized snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) clubs licensed by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Bureau of Parks and Lands may apply for use of our trails through the Bureau of Parks and Lands. All requests for trails should be made to the Bureau of Parks and Lands who will forward all requests to us.

This procedure establishes the flow, communication, approval and record keeping processes related to the use of our corridors for state-sponsored snowmobile and ATV trails and assures that:

  • We are aware of all organized uses by snowmobile and ATV clubs
  • All such uses meet safety, engineering, operations, legal and environmental requirements
  • The state provides liability insurance coverage

As part of our licensing process, we require:

  • Written notice of all proposed trails be given to abutting landowners prior to the state forwarding applications to us.
  • Only snowmobiles and three- and four-wheeled ATV's are permitted on our corridors. No other vehicles such as 4 x 4 trucks or two-wheeled high-pressure dirt bikes are permitted.
  • Where we have easement rights only, approval of the trails will be limited to the extent of our easement rights. Additional approval for the trail must be obtained from the fee landowner.

Contact the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Bureau of Parks and Lands for information on forming a snowmobile or ATV club or on the location of existing trails.

Hunting and Posting 

Our transmission line corridors are generally open to the public for a variety of recreational uses. However, situations arise where public access is not in our best interest or abutting landowners, and the posting of these properties becomes necessary.

A major concern of abutting landowners is that our transmission line corridors expose their property to recreational uses, including hunting, trapping, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiling, etc. Some landowners are opposed to these and other activities on, or abutting, their lands.

In such cases, abutters must request permission to post on our corridors. Such postings are typically intended to prevent hunting and the discharge of firearms. Some landowners wish to prevent all access and request permission to post no trespassing signs.

Historically, we have honored such requests in the interest of maintaining good relations with abutting landowners. However, as land ownership patterns change, and the public's use of corridors increase, the demand for posting private lands has greatly increased.

In recent years, we have joined the Governor's Council of Landowner/Sportsman Relations which was formed to address these issues. With regard to posting, the Council adopted and promotes "Hunting By Permission Only" and the posting of "Safety Zone" signs around residences. We support and promote the Council's position in its Posting Policy.

To assure that we handle posting requests in an equitable manner, and balance the needs of landowners and the recreating public, the following policy has been established for reviewing and approving requests.

  • Where we have easement rights only over a landowner's property, the landowner may post their property or prohibit all uses as long as it does not conflict or interfere with our maintenance or operation. Our permission is not required.
  • When requests involve fee-owned transmission line corridors, a R/W Request form is prepared for tracking, informational purposes and to provide for a coordinated approach to managing corridors.
  • Requests for posting "No Trespassing" or "Hunting by Permission Only" signs on our fee-owned corridors must be in writing.
  • Permission to post "Safety Zone" signs may be given verbally. The requester's name, address, phone number, and the location should be obtained.
  • No signs will be attached to our poles or equipment and the corridors will not be blocked off or gated without our permission.