Thank You to Our Friends and Neighbors

Thank you for your patience as our team, along with crews who came to help, restored power after the devastating storms beginning April 9th resulted in over 280,000 of our customers losing power.

The Portland Press Herald describes the challenges associated with managing a major outage event during a pandemic:


And we also thank you for your messages of thanks to us! Especially, "The cheeseburger kid. "

Name withheld due to age, 8 years old
“Dear CMP Line Workers,
First, a big thank you! I like cheeseburgers. Because of your hard work, I can cook cheeseburgers at home while I’m following stay at home orders. Keep up the good work. Because you keep the power on I can use my computer to get all my work done.”

Tree down photo

Robert S., Westport Island
"I wanted to express my appreciation for the efforts you and CMP expended restoring our power last night. It must have been miserable working conditions. Thank you! "

Tree down photo

Diane B., Lewiston
"Just a Thank You! We are retired Maine teachers living in Lewiston, ME. The power went out, we were worried, contacted you and got information about the outage. The power returned this early morning and we are warm again. Thanks to all the linemen and women, and to all the CMP family. "

Tree down photo

Lynn G., Bristol
"THANK YOU to ALL the CMP employees (and out-of-staters) out there getting our power back!! You really made our day! We are toasting you right now. ;) "

Tree down photo

Roselies H., Jay
"I just want to thank you for your prompt action to restore electricity after this terrible wet snowfall we experienced on 4-9-20. It must have been a challenge for your crew to accomplish so much in such a brief time. I am so grateful. . . .Thank you. "

Tree down photo

Galen G., Vienna
"Hey, there 's no need to respond. I just wanted to say that we went out for a drive, just a few hours ago. There were trees down all over the place. In some areas, the lines were on the ground. It was a mess. You folks have it back up and running, just three hours later - and we're *very* remote. That 's impressive. That's very impressive. I just wanted you to know how impressed we are with the feat. There must have been ten places where trees were on the line and/or the line was completely on the ground. Please be sure to remind your crew (and the Lucas folks) that we 're grateful for being reconnected as quickly as we were. Keep up the good work!"

Michelle S., South China, ME
"I am just writing to thank you for restoring power as quickly as you did with this storm. Keep up the good work."

Suzanne T., Norway, ME
"Hello- I just wanted to say thank you. I had lost power at 11:36 pm, on Thursday, April 9. . .  I'm disabled and walk with a cane, so I 'm very grateful I didn't have to try and maneuver, safely in the dark, for more than the one night. Again, I give my thanks and appreciation to the crews, and all CMP employees, for all they 're doing in response to these outages and, also, during this unprecedented pandemic."

Marc Larochelle, Greenville
"Thank you for restoring our power at 10 pm on 4/10."

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