Grants and Agreements

The following agreements are used to convey certain rights depending on our ownership in property and the level of rights being requested


Ownership where our rights are limited to the rights stated in the easement deed and rights needed or useful to exercise the stated rights.


Ownership where we have all the property rights for the property except for rights reserved by the prior owner or conveyed away by CMP.

Letter of Permission

Temporary, personal rights, not assignable and terminable; used when we have fee ownership.

Use Agreement

Grants our consent for specific use with conditions and may be terminable; used when we have easement ownership.

Permanent Use Agreements 

Grants our consent for specific permanent use with conditions on our easement only.


Contract for temporary rights, not assignable and terminable.


Contract for temporary rights, may be assignable, typically involves periodic lease payments.

Assessment Agreement

An Assessment Agreement grants entry to our corridors for evaluation of major co-linear projects such as natural gas pipelines. This agreement is only for large commercial projects that involve considerable dedication of our resources during the evaluation process. We will not begin the assessment  process until the Assessment Agreement is executed.