CMP System Upgrade Will Benefit Belgrade Lakes Area

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April 8, 2015


CMP System Upgrade Will Benefit Belgrade Lakes Area

Planned outage early Saturday morning will allow crews to finish work


AUGUSTA, Maine Central Maine Power Co., a subsidiary of Iberdrola USA, is nearly finished with a system upgrade that will enhance service in the Belgrade Lakes area. In order to complete the work, the utility will need to interrupt power to an estimated 5,700 customers early Saturday morning, April 11. The outage will start at 12:01 a.m., and CMP expects to restore service to all customers by 6 a.m. In case of inclement weather, the outage will take place during the same hours on Sunday, April 12.
We need to interrupt service to customers to finish this upgrade safely and efficiently, says CMP spokesperson Gail Rice.We scheduled this work during the overnight hours to minimize disruption for customers, and we appreciate their patience and understanding as we complete this important project.


CMP upgraded its North Augusta Substation and built a new 34-kilovolt circuit, which gives the utility two options for feeding electricity to the area.


"This upgrade gives us much more flexibility for serving homes and businesses in the Belgrade Lakes region, said Rice. We expect fewer outages, and on rare occasion there is a power interruption, quicker restoration. "


CMP is making automated phone calls to affected customers to keep them informed of this weekend's work.
The outage will affect customers on the following streets and roads:

Augusta: North Augusta, including Belgrade Road (Routes 8/11/27), Civic Center Drive (Routes 8/11/27 north of Commerce Drive), Bog Road, Gould Road, Knowles Road, Middle Road, Old Belgrade Road, Summerhaven Road, and all nearby side roads.

Belgrade: Most streets and roads.

Manchester: Fairbanks Road, Scenic Drive (East and West), and other side and camp roads off Summerhaven.

Mercer: Rome Road (southern end only, near the Rome town line).

Mt. Vernon: Deer Run Road.

New Sharon: Far eastern corner of town, including Hampshire Hill Road, Mile Hill Road (eastern end near Rome town line), Mountain Road, and Roxy Rand Road.

Oakland: Belgrade Road (south of Town Farm Road), East Pond Road, Fairfield Street (south of Rice Rips Road), Gage Street, High Street, McGrath Pond Road, Rice Rips Road, Smithfield Road, Summer Street (west of Gage), Sunset Boulevard, Town Farm Road, and all side roads/camp lines

Rome: All streets and roads.

Sidney: Western half of town, including Bartlett Road, Belgrade Road (Routes 8/11/27), Mills Road, Pond Road, Philbrick Road, Quaker Road, Summerhaven Road, and all nearby side roads and camp lines.

Smithfield: Southern areas, including East Pond Road, Pond Road, Village Road (Route 8), Smithfield Road (Route 137), Warren Hill Road, Bickford Road, and nearby side roads and camp lines.

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