Construction Begins on CMP Project to Enhance Service in Skowhegan Area

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Construction Begins on CMP Project to Enhance Service in Skowhegan Area


AUGUSTA, Maine, May 27, 2014 " Central Maine Power Co., a subsidiary of Iberdrola USA, has begun work on a project to upgrade parts of the electric-delivery system that serve southern Somerset County. The utility's Skowhegan Area Reinforcement Project involves rebuilding the Lakewood Substation and replacing a single 115-kilovolt (kV) line with two 115-kV lines through the same corridor.


The Maine Public Utilities Commission granted a Certificate for Public Convenience and Necessity for the $24.58 million project last June.


“The system that is currently in place has served the area well for decades, but studies show that residential and commercial growth has stretched the system to its capacity, and it is due for an upgrade," says CMP spokesperson Gail Rice. "These upgrades will create a more robust system with greater flexibility and redundancy for homes and businesses in the area."


The Lakewood Substation in Madison will get a second transformer; four new 115 kV breakers; four new 34.5 kV breakers; additional switches, relays, and protection equipment; and a new control house.


The single, four-mile 115 kV transmission line that runs from the Lakewood Substation to an existing transmission line in Cornville will be replaced with two 115 kV lines. Adding the second line will enhance system reliability for the region and mitigate low voltages that could occur in Skowhegan, Madison, and Norridgewock should the single 115 kV source into Lakewood experience an outage.


Because the project provides a regional reliability benefit, ISO New England approved CMP's petition to classify it as a "pool transmission facility." This means about $17 million of the total cost will be borne by ratepayers from throughout New England; CMP customers" share will be just 8 percent of that figure.


The project is expected to be put into service in April of 2015.


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