Central Maine Power Restoration Ahead of Schedule

AUGUSTA, MAINE — October 19, 2019, 5 pm — 

Central Maine Power Co. (CMP), a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc., has reduced the total number of customer outages to 11,000 compared to a total number of customers impacted of approximately 219,000. This comes as crews continue to make significant progress throughout the day on Saturday. As a result of the progress, the company announced that many restoration times were improving throughout the service area. Crews will continue to work until every customer is restored.

“As crews restore outages, we have been able to redeploy resources to bolster work already underway” said Kevin Elwell, director of Electric Operations for CMP. “As a result, our restoration is ahead of schedule.”  

In addition to CMP’s 100 crews restoring power, the company has over 490 additional line crews – including 50 AVANGRID crews from New York and Connecticut, 147 Canadian crews, 60 Maine based contractors, and 233 from the New England region. They also have approximately 220 tree crews in the field as well. 

With cold weather expected during the overnight period Saturday into Sunday, CMP also seeks to remind customers of the following safety tips and restoration priorities.


Generator and heating information:

  • Never use a natural gas or propane range, stove or oven to heat your home.
  • Never use a grill or stove intended for use outdoors in your home.
  • If you use an emergency generator, please follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully, and review our generator safety tips.
  • Operate outdoors in a clean, dry area. Never operate a generator indoors, in an attached garage or near a building's air intake. Without adequate ventilation, carbon-dioxide, carbon-monoxide, and other dangerous gases can build up and become deadly.
  • Generator must be kept dry and properly grounded.
  • Don't touch a generator if you are wet or are standing in water or on damp ground.

Restoration priorities:

  • CMP follows an orderly process when restoring service that emphasizes safety and seeks to make effective use of resources.
  • CMP’s immediate concern after a storm is public safety. Restoration teams work with towns and the state to de-energize downed lines, clear roads and restore previously identified critical facilities such as hospitals and shelters.
  • Next, CMP focuses on assessing damage and repairing the backbone of the electrical system: substations, transmission lines, circuits and primary lines. Crews focus on locations where they can restore large numbers of customers at once.
  • Then, crews restore equipment and lines that serve smaller groups of customers.
  • Finally, crews focus on restoring remaining service lines to individual homes and buildings until every customer has service. This phase may begin while higher-priority work is already underway.

Additional information on storm safety and restoration, including a town-by-town listing of outages in the CMP service area with an area map, can be found on CMP’s web site at http://www.cmpco.com/Outages/.

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About CMP: Central Maine Power Company (CMP), a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc., is Maine’s largest electricity transmission and distribution utility. Established in 1899 and based in Augusta, Maine, CMP serves approximately 624,000 customers across 346 communities in central and southern Maine. It operates approximately 23,500 miles of distribution lines and 2,900 miles of transmission lines. Over the last decade, the company has invested approximately $2.6 billion in Maine system infrastructure. In 2019, CMP was named Large Business of the Year by the Kennebec Valley United Way. For more information, visit www.cmpco.com.

About AVANGRID: AVANGRID, Inc. (NYSE: AGR) is a leading, sustainable energy company with approximately $33 billion in assets and operations in 24 U.S. states. AVANGRID has two primary lines of business: Avangrid Networks and Avangrid Renewables. Avangrid Networks owns eight electric and natural gas utilities, serving 3.2 million customers in New York and New England. Avangrid Renewables owns and operates 7.2 gigawatts of electricity capacity, primarily through wind power, with a presence in 22 states across the United States. AVANGRID employs approximately 6,500 people. AVANGRID supports the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals and was named among the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2019 by the Ethisphere Institute. For more information, visit www.avangrid.com.

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