Electric Vehicles in our Fleet

You may have seen some of our electric vehicles on the road. We’ve added a dozen plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to our fleet, and are looking to add more in the future.


We added Two Chevy Volts that are used regularly by employees. They have an electric range of about 35 miles, and can draw on a gas-powered generator to power the battery for longer trips, making it a good fit for a variety of business travel.
We also added a 100% electric Ford Transit Connect van, which is used to pick up materials and make deliveries to our different offices around Maine. These vehicles offer clean, quiet, efficient operation, and support our commitment to the environment.
We've added a total of nine bucket trucks that use diesel engines while driving, but can operate the bucket lift using only electricity. This allows our workers to shut down the trucks’ engines when working on power lines, saving fuel and eliminating noise and exhaust fumes.




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