For Municipalities

During major power interruptions:

  • We first repair the backbone of the electricity system – transmission lines and substations – that bring electricity to the local distribution system that serves our customers.
  • We then repair the distribution system – the poles and power lines along streets and roads. As we do so, we consider the needs of hospitals, nursing homes, fire and police stations and other critical infrastructure.
  • We also focus on our customers who depend on electrically-operated life support equipment.

Restoration Priorities:

Our first priority is responding to known incidents of downed power lines to make the situations safe. Once this vital public safety work is complete, we will:

Help Everyone Prepare

Share our tips to stay safe during power outages and learn what we do to restore service safely when storms strike. 

Trees and Power Lines

Our Tree Care program helps prevent outages. We may be working in your neighborhood this year! Find out more

Generator Safety

Electrical generators can be helpful and convenient, but they must be used safely. Find out more

Electrical Safety

Review our safety guidelines for everyday electricity safely and storm safety. Find out more

Emergency Information 24/7/365

Welcome to our emergency management resource center. Designed for first responders, elected officials, municipalities and emergency management agencies, consider this site your online resource for information and updates during power outages or other events.

Safety & Restoration

Review our steps and priorities for power restoration, tree care and safety tips.

View Outage List

View our outage information by county, municipality and street. Find out more

View Outage Map

View outages in your location or across our service area. Find out more

Outage News

For the latest power restoration information. Get the latest news


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