Estimated Restoration Time

We work hard every day to keep the power on, but sometimes powerful storms or other factors can cause power outages. If this happens, we’ll get your power on as quickly and safely as possible.

How We Determine Your Estimated Time of Restoration

If the power goes out we know that accurate restoration times are important to you. Once you’ve reported your outage, there are many factors that we use to determine when power will be restored.

During non-weather event days:

  • We’ll provide an initial estimate of how long it will take to restore your power.
  • The term “assessing” may be given if we have not yet completed our investigation of repairs that need to be made.
  • Estimated restoration times may change as crews evaluate the cause and extent of damage and work to restore power. We’ll continue to keep you informed.

During severe weather events:

  • We first assess the extent of damage to the electricity delivery system.
  • We predict an estimated time of restoration for large areas of our service territory.
  • The term “assessing” may be given if we have not yet completed our investigation of repairs that need to be made. Customers who are not signed up for Outage Alerts can also find outage information on our outage list or our outage map.
  • We will update outage information as conditions change.
  • After repairs are made to large areas, we’ll continue to make repairs to smaller locations until power is restored to you.

How we restore power after a storm

CMP follows an orderly process to safely restore service after a storm.

  1. Safety comes first. We work with towns and the state to de-energize downed lines, clear roads, and restore critical facilities. 
  2. We repair major facilities. Crews go where they can restore lots of customers quickly. 
  3. We restore equipment and lines that serve smaller groups of customers. 
  4. We focus on restoring service to individual homes and buildings. This phase may start while we're still doing higher-priority work. 


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