Terms and Conditions

To review the terms of services, please download a section of the document as a PDF or MS Word DOC.  To review a specific portion of a section, download the Index of Currently Effective Terms & Conditions to help you see which section contains that specific portion.

Index of Currently Effective Terms & Conditions or DOC
Service Territory or DOC
Section 1 - The Electric Rate Schedule or DOC
Section 2 - Application for Service or DOC
Section 3 - Classification of Service or DOC
Section 4 - Service Limitations or DOC
Section 6 - Credit or DOC
Section 7 - Extensions or DOC
Section 8 - Rights, Permits and Approvals or DOC
Section 9 - Introduction of Service or DOC
Section 10 - Customer's Premises or DOC
Section 11 - Customer's Use of Service or DOC
Section 12 - Meters or DOC
Section 13 - Special Facilities or DOC
Section 15 -  Disconnection by the Company or DOC
Section 16 - Termination of Service or DOC
Section 17 - Demand or DOC
Section 18 - General or DOC
Demand Side Management Program:
Section 23 - Residential Load Cycling Program or DOC
Section 33 - Residential Electricity Lifeline Program or DOC
Section 43 - Electricity Providers or DOC
Section 44 - Transmission Services or DOC
Section 45 - Custom Solutions Program or DOC
Section 49 - Conservation Assessment or DOC
Section 50 - Electric Lifeline Program Assessment or >DOC
Section 51 - Small Generator Aggregation or DOC
Section 52 - Electric Thermal Storage Pilot Program or DOC
Section 53 - Municipal Ownership of Streetlights or DOC
Section 54 - Arrearage Management Program or DOC
Section 55 – Small Generator Interconnection Procedures or DOC
Section 57 - Net Energy Billing or DOC


  • Can I pay the same amount each month?  
  • Can I enroll in AutoPay Service?  
  • What options do I have to purchase my electricity supply?  
  • What options do I have to pay my bill?