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Standard Offer

All customers are entitled to purchase energy from a state-approved Standard Offer supplier if they do not choose to enroll with and buy/purchase energy from a Maine Public Utilities Commission approved Competitive Electricity Provider (CEP).

Illustration of the relationship of electricity generators to the transmission and delivery to your home or business.

This drawing above illustrates that we are not a supplier of electricity, but instead maintain the delivery system.

The electricity bill you get every month is for two services, Delivery Service and Electric Supply.  We provide billing services for the Standard Offer providers, NextEra Energy Power Marketing, LLC and Constellation Energy Commodities Group Maine, LLC.


Shop for Electricity Providers

There are competitive electricity providers (CEPs or suppliers) currently supplying power to Maine businesses. To find out if you can get a more affordable price, please contact these suppliers directly. You may be able to find a supplier with a lower price than the Standard Offer. We are prohibited by law from recommending electricity suppliers to customers. For a list of licensed providers, please call the Maine Public Utilities Commission at 207.287.3831.

Customers can also share usage data with providers for marketing purposes. Now, thanks to your smart meter, you may provide suppliers a view of your hourly usage by enrolling in the Electricity Supplier Marketplace. Licensed electricity suppliers may use that information to offer you pricing plans and programs customized for the way you use electricity.


We provide billing services for many competitive providers. These charges can be seen on page two of your bill. When you submit a payment to us, we then pass that payment on to the provider.

Please note: if you wish to make a payment directly to your competitive electricity provider, please send a separate payment to their address. Please do not include it in your return envelope.

Compare CEP Options (Office of the Public Advocate)

Maine Public Utilities Commission


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