Working Group - Antitrust

The following statement is reviewed at the beginning of each Maine Electronic Business Transaction Working Group meeting:

On behalf of the Maine Electronic Business Transaction Working Group (ME EBT), I welcome you to this meeting. It is essential that we observe certain ground rules as we participate in this meeting.

Antitrust laws of the United States prohibit the discussion of a number of matters at a meeting such as this. It is important that discussions at this meeting address only that information needed for the legitimate functioning of the ME EBT Working Group. There can be no discussion among us at this meeting concerning:

  • Prices of the company you represent,
  • Terms and/or conditions established by your company, such as credit terms, markups, or profits,
  • Geographical areas in which your company is seeking or may seek to do business,
  • The persons or companies with whom your company will or will not do business,
  • Production costs, or
  • Any future marketing plans of your company.

Any departure from these ground rules could result in severe civil and criminal penalties to you as individuals and/or to your company. Federal sentencing guidelines mandate jail sentences for antitrust violations and call for criminal fines that may range into the millions of dollars.

The ME EBT Working Group is committed to complying with Federal antitrust regulations.