The Maine Public Utilities Commission has issued rules and procedures for Small Generator Interconnections under Chapter 324.  These rules and procedures establish statewide standards for the interconnection of small renewable energy facilities to the energy grid.  The purpose of these rules and procedures is to increase the efficiency of the interconnection process, encourage the increased use of renewable energy and distributed generation.  We have provided a link to the forms and agreements that need to be completed in order to begin the process.


System maps are available to help provide general information for potential interconnections.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, CMP will only be accepting electronic submissions of all interconnection applications.  Please see temporary policies in place for specific interconnection levels further down on this webpage.

Chapter 324

  • Please use the following link to obtain a copy of Chapter 324.

  • Please NOTE Application Fees Per Chapter 324:
  • For commercial customers submitting applications, please provide your tax id number
  • As required by order of the Maine Public Utilities Commission, Small Generator Interconnection Applications will be evaluated under applicable screening criteria based on  the overall AC generation capacity of the customer-generation facility at the point of interconnection.
  • Please use the following link to access the most recent list of Central Maine Power’s Distribution Interconnection projects:
    Central Maine Power MPUC Chapter 324 Interconnection Project List

Monthly CMP Interconnections Question and Answer Webinar

Have questions about the Maine PUC Chapter 324 Level 4 interconnection process?  Please join us the third Tuesday of every month from 1:00 – 2:00 PM for our monthly CMP Interconnections Question and Answer Session.  The hour begins with a short PowerPoint presentation on the interconnection process, followed by a 45 minute question and answer session for attendees. 

Interested in attending?  Just send us an email at and we will forward you a WebEx invitation for the next available Q&A session.

Forms and Agreements

You can access individual documents below in order to begin the process:

Please send electronic copies by email to

If you wish to send completed, hard copies via USPS, the mailing address is:

Central Maine Power Company

Interconnection Services Department

c/o Nate Pelletier

83 Edison Drive

Augusta, Maine 04336

To request additional information concerning the process, please contact 207.629.2356.


Net Energy Billing

In-depth Net Energy Billing Information/Application (In order to apply for Customer Net Energy Billing you will need to fill out the required Chapter 313 Application, this is IN ADDITION to the Interconnection)