Know Your Power

Usage Alerts

Sign up for usage alerts and we'll notify you by text, email, or phone about your usage. We offer three types of alerts to help you manage your usage.

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Download Your Usage Data

Through the Green Button program you can now download up to 13 months of historical hourly electricity usage data in .csv format for your own analysis or in .xml format to be used with Green Button apps.

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Energy Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much electricity all the different items in your home use? Our Home Energy Calculator can answer these questions and more.

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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming easier to find. Many car manufacturers now offer EVs and many more are working on developing new models. We’re proud to have incorporated Electric Vehicles into our own fleet.

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Rules and procedures for the interconnection of small renewable energy facilities, such as rooftop solar, to the energy grid.

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Smart Meters

Understanding how you use electricity in your home is the first step to managing it.

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Business Solutions

Energy Manager for Your Business

Understanding your energy use can help your business identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

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Interval Usage Web (Commercial)

Our Interval UsageWeb is designed for commercial or industrial customers who want to understand their energy usage and for the energy supplier that will serve them.

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Energy Efficiency and Usage Information

Efficiency Maine

Energy efficiency programs for Maine to lower the cost and environmental impacts of energy in Maine. Get rebates on the purchase of high-efficiency lights and heating equipment.


Energy Saving Tips

Are you trying to make smart energy choices?