Requesting Customer Usage Information

Options for Requesting Customer Usage Info

We know that obtaining customer usage information is high priority for competitive electricity providers (suppliers) and have developed several options to make this information available by request and/or directly accessible on-line. We hope you find these options accommodating and that the additional information here is helpful in understanding the data we are providing.


By Maine law, competitive electricity providers must obtain customer authorization before requesting pre-enrollment customer specific information from CMP. Customer authorization must be in writing, or provided electronically. Specific rules are contained in Chapter 322 of the Maine Public Utilities Commission's rules. Once a competitive electricity provider has enrolled a customer, and provided the appropriate terms of service document, the provider is authorized to access usage data for that customer.

Please note that competitive electricity providers must have the appropriate CMP account numbers in order to obtain customer usage information by any of the options described below. CMP account numbers must be obtained from customers; CMP does not provide this data.

Access Options

  • Unlicensed competitive electricity providers: Submit your request for monthly or interval usage data on-line. You must fax (or mail) the customer's written authorizations and send a check for the appropriate amount to CMP. Then we will return the customer usage information electronically in a format which can be used in spreadsheet (Excel, Lotus, etc.).
  • Licensed competitive electricity providers: Please execute this Disclosure Agreement with us - it eliminates the need for you to send customer authorizations to CMP. You may still request monthly or interval usage data, from CMP, as above.
  • Licensed competitive electricity providers with CMP contract: Your competitive electricity provider contract with CMP eliminates the need for you to send customer authorizations to CMP. You may use either of the options above, monthly or interval usage. In addition, you may obtain interval data, at no charge, for telemetered and advanced meter option accounts you have enrolled to serve on-line using monthly customer usage information directly, at no charge, through CMP's Interval UsageWeb.

Request access to CMP's Interval UsageWeb Logon page and we will set you up with a sign-on and password.