Avoid Winter Disconnection

Please contact us

Please let us know if you cannot pay your bill. We may be able to help. Call us at 800.686.4044.

1. In order to avoid disconnection you must enter into a payment arrangement.

We will offer you several payment options to pay your winter electric bills in monthly payments that you can reasonably afford.

2. You may be entitled to financial assistance from state or local government agencies or other private sources that can help you pay your utility bills.
To find out more about available financial assistance, we recommend you call 211, or visit the 211 Maine website. We may be able to refer you to others who can help you apply for assistance. 

You may qualify for our Low-Income Assistance Program (LIAP) if:

a) If you do not receive a housing subsidy which limits the household's total housing cost, including utilities, to a fixed percentage of the household's income.

b) If your household qualifies for HEAP, your local Community Action Program (CAP) will determine eligibility based on your annual cost of electricity and your household income.

Customers who qualify for our Low-Income Assistance Program may also be eligible to participate in our oxygen pump/ventilator assistance program.

Certification to receive the oxygen pump/ventilator benefit must be renewed annually for each program year. The certification form must be completed and signed by the physician and may be submitted prior to October 1, but no earlier than September 1, each year.

You can apply for our Low-Income Assistance Program by contacting your local Community Action Program Agency. View the CAP agencies directory for the agency serving your location.

3. We may be able to provide you with, or refer you to others who can provide, no-cost energy audits, weatherization or other measures to reduce high electricity usage and reduce your monthly bill.     

If you have questions, please call us at 800.686.4044. If you are not satisfied, call the Consumer Assistance and Safety Division of the Maine Public Utilities Commission at 800.452.4699.