Section 83

NERC ALERT Project Purpose and Need    

CMP must comply with the 2010 NERC Alert mandate to correct all conductor-to-ground clearances that do not meet National Electrical Safety Codes (NESC).  The federal regulatory group designated three priority levels that included scope of work, transmission line sections, and deadlines. Priorities I and II line clearances had to be corrected by 2013, and we accomplished that. Priority III lines were not emphasized at that time but were for a 2019 start. 

The Priority III lines are all 115kV transmission lines, and there are 41 of these lines in Maine totaling 530 miles. We’re replacing the existing poles with new, taller wood structures that will increase pole heights by 5 to 10 feet.

Project Scope – Section 83

As part of the NERC Alert Priority III, 42 structures will be replaced with new wood structures in the towns of Athens (4), Benton (2), Bingham (13), Clinton (4), Cornville (6), Moscow (3), and Skowhegan (10). Work will begin in mid-April 2020 and be completed by mid-May 2020, with two three-pole structures that will be completed in May; one in Bingham and one in Moscow.  

For more information about the Section 83 project, please view of Fact Sheet here.


Please note: This is a NERC-required project and is not affiliated with the proposed New England Clean Energy Connect project (NECEC). This is a maintenance project on existing lines in our electrical system.