Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Welcome to CMP’s Outdoor Lighting Solutions for your home or business. CMP’s Street and Area Lights provide safety, security and visibility at an affordable cost to you.

Area or Street Light

Before we begin, it is important to know what type of lighting solution you are looking for.

Area Light

CMP Area Lighting, an energy efficient lighting solution designed to illuminate your home, driveway or any area you choose. There are no up-front costs for an Area Light; CMP offers free installation, maintenance and automatic dusk-to-dawn control with the convenience of a set Area Light usage fee included on your existing CMP invoice.

How to Request an Area Light

Please download the request form, fill out in Acrobat Reader, save and email it to us at OutdoorLighting@cmpco.com.

Street Light  

Street Lighting is used primarily to illuminate a city or town's public thoroughfares and residential streets. Street Lights provide safety, security and visibility. Street lights are either rented from, owned and maintained by CMP or purchased from CMP and owned and maintained by a municipality.

How to Request a Street Light

Please download the request form, fill out in Acrobat Reader, save and email it to us at group.keyaccountmanager@avangrid.com.

Report a Problem

You can report an area light or streetlight or that is not functioning correctly

We Are Here to Help You

If you need more information before submitting your request, you may contact us:

Area Lights: Email us at OutdoorLighting@cmpco.com or call 800.750.4000 to speak with an Outdoor Lighting Specialist.

Street Lights: Email us at group.keyaccountmanagers@avangrid.com or call 800.565.3181 to speak with a Key Account Manager.

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