FERC / Transmission Interconnections

FERC / Transmission Interconnections

FERC/Transmission Interconnections in the CMP service territory are governed by the Independent System Operator - New England (ISO-NE).  All CMP transmission interconnection requests begin with and are submitted to ISO-NE.

For more information on the ISO-NE interconnection process, please read the ISO-NE Interconnection Process Guide.

CMP Transmission Interconnection Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Charges

For CMP’s current Metering O&M (Schedule 13) rates click here.

For CMP’s current Direct Assignment Facilities O&M (Schedule 14) rates click here.

CMP Transmission Distribution Interconnection Requirements for Generation

For CMP’s current Transmission Distribution Interconnection Requirements for Generation click here.

Contact Information

For more information on CMP Transmission Interconnections please contact:

Toni Maltese, PMP MBA
Senior Project Manager for Transmission Interconnections
Phone: 207.629.2354
Email: toni.maltese@cmpco.com
Mailing: 83 Edison Dr. Augusta, ME 04336

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