smart meters

A Smart Meter helps you know your own power

Smart Meter Basics

Smart Meters are the standard for CMP’s customers. A Smart Meter uses electronic technology to measure your electricity use. Unlike older meters, however, a Smart Meter stores hourly readings electronically instead of using dials to show just the total use. Each day, the meter sends readings to CMP by a low power radio signal.

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Smart Meters offer convenience and savings for you

  • Smart meters make bills more accurate because we receive usage information every day, reducing the need for estimated bills.
  • Pinpointing power quality issues allows for faster diagnosis and response.
  • Customers opening a new account or closing an existing account will see a faster turn around in making changes to their account.  
  • More and better information to help you save. With the Energy Manager service, you'll get a detailed account of your energy use on our website.
  • Identify outages faster when big storms hit and verify when power has been restored.
  • Usage Alerts that text, email and/or phone message you with information about your energy usage.

Important information if you opt out of a smart meter:

  • The initial fee will be billed to you upon selection of your option.
  • Income qualified customers may receive a discount.
  • In most cases, the Smart Meter is installed in the location of your old meter. You may choose to relocate your meter at your expense.  Terms and conditions apply and can be viewed here.

The radio in CMP’s Smart Meters is similar to other common electronics such as wireless Internet systems, laptop computers, and baby monitors. Our meters comply with safety and operating standards set by the Federal Communications Commission. Customers who don’t want a standard meter can choose between two non-standard, special options.

Here are your options


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    Standard Wireless Smart Meter: Go ahead and install the Standard Smart Meter.
    There is no additional cost for the Standard Smart Meter. 


    Option A:
    A modified Smart Meter that emits no radio signal 

    One-time charge of $20, plus
    Monthly charge of $13.98

    CMP will read the meter every two months for billing, and send an estimated bill for the alternate months. Customers will have access to hourly usage information updated periodically.


    Option B:
    An electro-mechanical meter

    One-time charge of $40, plus
    Monthly charge of $15.66

    Electro-mechanical meters have no wireless communications or data storage technology. CMP will read the total recorded electricity usage every two months for billing, and send customers an estimated bill for the alternate months.



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