Warren Substation

Warren Substation

Reliability Upgrades

Warren Substation, Warren

Project Overview

Central Maine Power Company, in conjunction with its parent company Avangrid, is undertaking a multi-year effort to upgrade or replace 10 distribution substations throughout its service territory, including one in Warren, that have aged and/or have condition or capacity issues  in need of attention.

As part of CMP’s Substation Modernization Plan, a  new 34kV distribution substation will be built north  of Montgomery Avenue in Warren to replace an existing substation at Hillside Lane.

CMP is working with communities and reaching out to neighbors to ensure that all improvements are performed safely and with minimal disruptions to their daily lives, the community, and the environment.

Project Purpose and Need 

The existing electric distribution substation on Hillside Lane is nearing capacity to support the 34.5V transmission load. Construction, includes a new, modern substation that will interconnect with an existing 34.5kV transmission line.  The facility will be located on a vacant, 3.6-acre parcel located north of Montgomery Avenue in the town of Warren will provide modern-day operation plus meet Avangrid and National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) standards.

The new substation will be outfitted with infrastructure that includes a 34.5/12kV transformer, line and transformer  breakers on foundations, switches, insulators, oil containment system, lightning masts, yard lights, and an overhead electrical bus. Improved substation operations technology will be installed in a new, locked control house, as well as enhanced remote substation monitoring capabilities and connections to CMP’s control center. A substation manager periodically will be on-site for routine maintenance and inspections.

Once the new substation is completed and on-line, the existing substation will be demolished, and grass will be planted on the site.All components will be situated behind security fencing that will be monitored by CMP.  For security reasons, the substation will be visible through the fence. Vegetation that does not block visibility will be planted  to support a small wetland near the site and to beautify the property. CMP will access the property through a 50-foot-wide  by 725-foot-long access easement from Montgomery Avenue.  The Project includes a 20-foot-wide gravel driveway across the access easement to the site.

Fact Sheet

  • Please call the Electrical Infrastructure Projects Information Line number below

Estimated Timetable

  • Construction Start: August 2020
  • Completion/In-Service Date: December 2024

For more information or questions

Please contact the Electrical Infrastructure Projects Information Line at 1-888-267-0831 and include the name of the project - Warren Substation - with your detailed message.  A representative from the project team will return your call within three (3) business days. Or please email us at Outreach@cmpco.com.

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