Section 151 - 160

Section 151 - 160

Reliability Upgrades

Section 151/160, Tower 37 Rebuild (Fore River, South Portland)


Project Overview

As part of our commitment to provide safe, reliable service to all our customers, Central Maine Power Company (CMP) is replacing one of its transmission towers in the South Portland service area due to deterioration in its foundations and age.

Installed by CMP in 1942, Tower 37 is located approximately 100 feet from shore in Fore River, a tidal river with an approximate 10-foot tide and is one of eight large lattice towers that carry two transmission line sections between Cape Substation and Hinckley Pond Substation, both in South Portland.

Project Purpose and Need

In spring 2017, CMP observed cracking in the foundations of Tower 37 of Sections 151/160. Upon additional review and testing by CMP engineers, it was determined that it would be very difficult to repair the original foundations and they would continue to degrade over time. This tower is part of a system that carries two transmission lines – Section 151, a 34.5kV line, and Section 160, a 115kV line -- more than 6,000 feet between the two substations.

Project Scope

Tower 37 will be replaced with a steel monopole that will stand approximately 127 feet atop its new concrete foundation and located about 20 feet closer to shore from the existing structure.

The work site will be constructed with barges, trestles and timber mats to support the construction footprint and protect the river bed. Safety barriers will be placed around the work area.

Estimated Construction Timeline

·         Construction Start: August 2020  

·         Completion/In-Service Date: December 2020

Fact Sheet

To view the Section 151/160, Tower 37 Rebuild Project Fact Sheet, click here.

For more information or questions

Please contact the Electrical Infrastructure Projects Information Line at 1-888-267-0831 and include the name of the project – Section 151/160 – with your detailed message.  A representative from the project team will return your call within three (3) business days.

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