Biddeford Pump Substation

Biddeford Pump Substation

Project Overview

Central Maine Power Company, in conjunction with its parent company Avangrid, is undertaking a multi-year effort to upgrade or replace distribution substations throughout its service territory, including one in Biddeford, that have aged and have condition and capacity issues in need of attention.

As part of CMP’s Substation Modernization Plan, a new 34kV distribution substation will be built at 466-468 South Street to replace an existing substation adjacent to this parcel. Like the existing substation, it will connect to the same transmission line along with adding two more distribution circuits for the growing community.

CMP’s significant investment in communities large and small is part of our commitment to provide safe, reliable service to our customers.

CMP is working with communities and reaching out to neighbors to ensure that all improvements are performed safely and with minimal disruptions to their daily lives, the community, and the environment.

Project Needs

The existing electric distribution substation on South Street is running at, and at certain times of the year above, its rated capacity. . Additionally, its yard is too small to accommodate the construction and installation of new substation equipment required for modern day operation all while meeting CMP and National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) standards.

The new, larger substation on a vacant lot adjacent to the Maine Water Company will allow CMP to respond to the area’s increasing energy needs and continue to provide safe, reliable power to our customers.

Project Scope

The modernized substation will be outfitted with new infrastructure that includes two 14MVA transformers on concrete foundations, switchgear located within the control house, protection and control systems, stormwater management systems, a detention pond, and erosion controls. Upgraded substation operations technology will be installed in a new, locked control house, as well as enhanced remote substation monitoring capabilities and connections to CMP’s control center.

All components will be situated behind security fencing that will be monitored by CMP. For security reasons, the substation will be visible through the fence. Substation personnel will periodically be on site for routine maintenance and inspections.

Once the new substation is completed and on-line, the existing substation will be demolished, and grass will be planted on the site.

While some trees need to be cleared for the substation, new trees and shrubs will be placed along the perimeter to minimize the view for neighbors.

CMP will access the property by a driveway currently used by Maine Water Company.

Project Facts

View the Biddeford Pump Substation fact sheet.

  • Municipality: Biddeford
  • County: York
  • Permitting Required: Saco River Corridor Commission (SRCC), Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and Local Municipal Permit

Project Features

The following components will be constructed and installed at the new Biddeford Pump location:

  • 34kV structure with new switches, bus, insulators and foundation.
  • 12kV structure with new switches, bus, insulators, and foundation.
  • Lightning masts on foundations.
  • Two transformers on foundations.
  • New control house with indoor gas insulated switchgear and improved substation operations technology on a full foundation.

Work Hours

No work will be done in the dark. Construction noise will be present. CMP follows local noise ordinances.

Estimated Timetable (subject to change)

  • Construction Start: May 2022
  • Completion/In-Service Date: May 2024

Benefits to the Region

  • An improved substation that reliably and safely meets customers’ electricity needs.
  • Capacity to provide electricity for economic development and growth.
  • Increased tax revenue.
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