Structure Replacements

Structure Replacements

Project Overview

Beginning in May 2022 and into early 2023, CMP is replacing transmission line structures to meet federally required standards for electric system stability. Eight-three structures on three transmission lines between Lewiston and Livermore Falls, and Madison and The Forks, require upgrades.

The structure replacements are part of a multiyear maintenance project to mitigate clearance issues that were identified by CMP through a North American Electric Reliability Corporation mandate. This work is the last that needs completion under the federal directive.

Project Scope

The project will begin in May 2022 with project and construction teams walking through the area to review project specifications, examine environmentally sensitive areas, and plan safety measures.
Our Maine-based crews will place ground matting in sensitive and wetland areas to protect natural resources. The ground mats are made of timber in Maine and are designed to hold up heavy equipment passing over them. Then, the new poles and equipment are brought in and our crews get to work. Existing poles will be replaced with new, slightly taller durable poles as well as new components. Old poles will be removed.


CMP will travel down the corridor when at all possible to remain in our right of way (ROW). Where access is needed to get to the corridor, we’ll travel on roads or other areas in which we have access rights or legal agreements with neighboring property owners or towns. CMP will be reaching out to adjacent landowners to acquire access rights for this project.

Locations and Schedule

  • First (Spring/Summer 2022): Moscow, Concord, Embden, Anson and North Anson – 15 locations
  • Second (Summer/Fall 2022): Indian Stream Township, The Forks Plantation, Caratunk, Moscow, Bald Mountain Township, and Squaretown Township – 39 locations
  • Third (Fall/Winter 2022-23): Livermore Falls, Leeds, Greene and Lewiston – 29 locations

Outreach Materials

For more information

If you have any questions, please contact our Public Outreach Team at 1.888.267.0831, be sure to reference “Structure Replacements” and a representative from our team will be in touch with you. Or email us at

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