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Lock in your electricity bill with SimplePay and pay the same amount each month*. 

SimplePay lets you make a level monthly payment based on your average monthly electricity usage over the past year.  You'll get a bill for the same amount each month, so you'll always know what your bill will be.

Plus, once you sign up for SimplePay, you'll lock in your payment amount for the next six months!  We'll review your account after six months to make sure your payment amount is still accurate and working for you. 

There are no hidden fees or costs — this service is FREE!  You're free to go off the plan at any time, so there's no risk.  Join the thousands of Mainers who open a stable electricity bill every month with SimplePay.

* We will review your account periodically and adjust to reflect changes in electricity usage. Certain restrictions may apply.


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All requests are subject to approval.

If you are approved you will see a bill message on your next bill and you will be billed your SimplePay amount. If you are not approved a CMP Customer Service Representative will contact you.


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Frequently Asked Questions about our SimplePay program


Q. What is SimplePay?
A. SimplePay is an easy way to help manage your electric bill. When you sign up for SimplePay, we’ll set a monthly payment amount that’s based on your electric bills over the past 12 months. That way you know what you’ll be paying each month — even before you open the envelope! 

Q. How does being on SimplePay affect my bill?
A. SimplePay evens out your payments for electricity. You pay the same amount each month even when your usage goes up or down. On an annual basis, you’ll still pay the same amount, but without the month to month fluctuations.  All of your account details will still be displayed on the bill each month.

Q. How much does this service cost?
A. SimplePay is FREE! So are our other payment options like eBill.  Click here for more information about eBill.

Q. How do I sign up for SimplePay?
A. Just fill out the above form to apply! We'll enroll you or contact you if necessary. 

Q. How long do I have to stay on the plan once I enroll?
A. You’re free to go off the plan at any time. Just call us — and your next bill will reflect any credits or payments due.

Q. What else should I know about SimplePay?
A. At the six month mark, we’ll review your account and if your usage has changed significantly from the previous year, the payment amount will be adjusted. You will have a bill message noting any adjustments to your SimplePay amount. To ensure your continued participation in the plan, pay the complete SimplePay amount indicated each month by the payment due date. And any time you have a question about SimplePay, please contact us.

Q. What happens after I’ve been on the plan for a year?
A. We’ll automatically re-enroll you in the plan and determine the payment amount again, based on your most recent 12 months’ bills and your actual account balance at that time. You’ll receive a message on your bill informing you of the new payment amount.

Q. Can I pay my bill online?
A. Yes you can! View and pay your CMP bill online every month by signing up for our paperless eBill service. Click here to learn more about eBill. You’ll find information about all our payment options available to you.



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Want an even easier way to manage your bill?  Enroll in our new paperless eBill option!  You can manage your account online, and set up an automatic payment on the day that works best for you.  Click here to find out more.


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Our payment options are designed to meet your needs.  Print our fact sheet (PDF) for information on which plan is right for you.


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