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seeing a change in your bill?

Seeing a change in your bill?


Warm Temperatures and Humidity Can Impact Electricity Bills

This summer, heat and humidity levels have been high. When temperatures and mugginess increase, so does electricity usage. You may be seeing an increase in the delivery portion of your electricity bill as you try to stay cool and comfortable by using air conditioners, fans and other cooling devices.



Helping you understand

Many of our customers find that by looking at their usage by
hour or day, they are better able to connect activities to usage.
Consider the following when looking at your data:Additional
people in the home (children out of school, guests)


  • Heat pump hot water heater / heat pump 
  • Outdoor hot tub    
  • New appliance / seasonal appliance
  • Pumping wet basement  
  • Home construction


*Weather Facts:

  • Hot summers increase the demand for cooling. This causes an increase in energy consumption and can increase energy costs to consumers by approximately 10 to 22 percent.
  • Summers with hot, humid weather for longer than normal increase the amount of electricity use needed to run air conditioners, fans and other cooling devices.
  • You can save as much as 10% a year on energy costs by setting your air conditioner’s thermostat to 78 degrees and keeping your house warmer when you’re away. 

*Sources: Based on information from the U.S.
Department of Energy, U.S. Climate Resilience
Toolkit, and



Our tools can help
We offer tools, powered by your smart meter, to help you better understand your electricity use. These tools are FREE. 


Energy Manager

Energy Manager is our free and secure on-line tool that works with your smart meter so you can track your energy usage online, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. With Energy Manager, you can create a checklist of ways to save and get helpful tips for managing your electricity use. Other innovative features include:

  • View weather data along with usage information
  • Match usage to your billing statement
  • See a breakdown of your usage by category

 and you will be able to
access your electricity usage on-line by tomorrow evening -
and save!

Billing costs and usage displayed in Energy Manager will match your bill’s delivery and supply costs.  Costs in Energy Manager do not reflect taxes or fees.  In the current billing period for which you have not yet received a bill, Energy Manager shows costs that use your actual usage, and the cost is calculated using standard rates for delivery and standard offer pricing for supply.

Download My Data provides data that includes notations about estimated or missing data.  If no interval data is available in Download My Data, you will see a note that the data is missing.  Energy Manager fills in any missing data with total usage averaged over missing intervals, and in that way Download My Data and Energy Manager may have slightly different totals.  Estimated or missing intervals do not impact your bill.  Total usage for billing is calculated based on the difference between the meter reading at the beginning of the bill cycle and a meter reading at the end of the bill cycle.


Usage Alerts

Usage Alerts: Receive alerts and updates about your electricity usage and estimated
cost - all made possible by your smart meter! You can choose to receive any of the following

  • Usage Update: Receive weekly updates with your usage, estimated cost, and daily averages for the current billing period
  • Usage Amount Exceeded: Set a monthly electricity usage or dollar amount and we'll notify you if/when you exceed that amount
  • Usage Change: We'll notify you of big changes to your daily usage. Specifically, if your daily usage is 50% higher or 75% lower than your past 30-day average usage for three days in a row


You may even see an increase in your electricity supply price.

Your bill is made up of two components: delivery and supply. We deliver the electricity to your home or business across our transmission lines. You have a choice of providers for your energy supply. Those competitive suppliers may have increased their prices. Check the supply price on page 2 of your bill or to view Competitive Electricity Providers, please click here.