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electric vehicle grant program

Application for Central Maine Power's 2018 Electric Vehicle Grant Program

Please complete the application below to be considered for our Electric Vehicle Grant Program. We will review all applications and notify applicants with a decision. This year's program is open to non-profit organizations or municipalities throughout our service area.

Applications may be submitted until November 15, 2018. Some grants may be awarded before the application deadline, so we encourage you to apply earlier if possible.

All fields are required. 

Section 1: Organization Overview 

Organization Name:  

CMP Account Number(s):  

Organization Status:  


 Contact Name:  

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 Phone Number:  

 Email Address


1) Please give a brief description of your organization (include its history/background, mission and current programs, along with the geographic area and population it serves):


2) Please describe how electric mobility fits (or might fit) into your organization’s business or mission:



3) Does your organization have a sustainability policy or otherwise promote sustainability internally? If so, how? Provide recent examples of such practices if possible:




Section 2: Plans to Utilize Grant Program Funds

4)  Which grant is your organization applying for? (Organizations may only receive one grant)

5) If your organization expects to contribute a match, what is the approximate amount?



6) Please provide a brief description of how your organization plans to use the technology acquired through a grant award?


7) How many people will have direct access to the EV or charging station technology you acquire? Will it be available to the public? What restrictions if any will be placed on it?


8) Please describe the expected level of public visibility of the EV or charging stations(s) you acquire?


9) Please describe your organization's level of involvement in public outreach and/or educational programs, and how they could include the promotion of EV related technology.


10) Please describe the types of communiciations or marketing activities your organization routinely performs, and how they could include the promotion of EV related technology.



11) As part of the grant eligibility, each organization must be capable of bearing additional costs of service and maintenance to maintain functionality of the EV technology. What evidence of financial viability or other assurances can you provide us to meet this criteria?


12) Do you have any concerns or questions regarding your participation in the EV Grant Program?


13) Please provide any other relevant information not listed above :





Please click here to submit your application. You may also download the application and mail your completed application to:


Central Maine Power - Electric Vehicle Program

Attn: Public Affairs

83 Edison Drive

Augusta, ME 04336







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