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Why go to the movies when you can stay cool and comfortable at home?  If excess heat and humidity are making you feel uncomfortable, try an energy-efficient air conditioner.  You'll feel better and breathe more easily.

Cool wisely.  Follow these guidelines for efficient cooling of your home. 

  • Cool only the rooms you are using by placing an energy-efficient air conditioner where you need it most.
  • Use the right sized air conditioner for the area you are cooling (see table below).  
  • Use ceiling fans to help spread the cool air from your energy-efficient air conditioner but don't forget to set the ceiling fans turning counter-clockwise in the summer! (When you stand underneath the fan, you should feel a breeze.)
  • Install your energy-efficient air conditioner in a shady location, or in a window that gets little sun (typically on the north or east side of your home), for best operating results.
  • Clean air conditioner filters regularly. If your filter looks worn or has holes, it should be replaced.
  • Keep the front and back of the air conditioner unobstructed.
  • Make sure your attic is properly ventilated, especially if you have good insulation.  Good ventilation can help reduce cooling costs by 10%. 

Sizing Guidelines

Choose the right air conditioner to meet your needs.  This chart will help you size your air conditioner for the most efficient cooling.  For best results, install your air conditioner in a shady location, or in a window that gets little sun, typically on the north or east side of the home.  Also, make sure the air conditioner is free from debris and that shrubs are not blocking air-flow through the unit.

The Right Size
Room size (sq. feet) Cooling Capacity (BTU / hour)
100-150  5,000
150-250 6,000
250-300 7,000
300-350 8,000
350-400 9,000
400-450 10,000
450-550 12,000
550-700 14,000
700-1000 18,000


did you know?

Air conditioners can make breathing easier for people who suffer from asthma.  CMP customer Edwin Winslow explains, "I have asthma; cool filtered air makes it easier to breathe."  To learn more, take a look at the American Lung Association Web site

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