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indoor air quality

Improving and maintaining good indoor air quality is good business.  Inadequate ventilation and high humidity can increase the level of mold and spores, which can make your employees and customers ill.  High moisture levels can also cause structural damage.  Improve productivity and maintain your facilities by installing adequate ventilation systems and dehumidifiers, where necessary.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can mean increased sales and employee productivity.  Office equipment, refrigeration, and lights can all add heat to your business environment.  An air conditioner can help you control heat and humidity.  Keep your customers and coworkers comfortable and energetic and protect products and materials vulnerable to humidity with air conditioning.     


Poor ventilation can cause air pollutants to accumulate and affect the health and productivity of your employees.  Many indoor air pollutants are concentrated at levels two to five times higher than those outdoors.  Scientists have identified more than 1,500 indoor air pollutants from such common indoor furnishings as  carpets, photocopiers, and ventilation ducts.  Avoid sick building syndrome, sick employees, and insurance claims by installing and maintaining adequate air conditioning, ventilation, and dehumidification systems. 


Humidity can be a problem all year long.  Buildings that drop below the dew point can suffer from excess moisture from condensation.  Excess moisture from summer humidity or condensation can result in damage to wood, drywall, and sensitive equipment.  Using a dehumidifier to keep relative humidity between 30-50% can reduce structural damage as well as decrease the proliferation of mold and other agents of ill health. 

For Best Results

Adequate ventilation can help prevent moisture from accumulating in areas like kitchens and bathrooms.  However, in areas of high humidity a dehumidifier sized to fit your space will provide an energy efficient solution.


did you know?

The EPA says that indoor air quality is one of the top five environmental risks of our time.  For more information regarding indoor air quality from the EPA, try these links: