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about energy manager for business

What is Energy Manager for Business?


For the first time, because of your smart meter, you can view and analyze your electricity usage data online with our free program: Energy Manager for Business.

Understanding your energy use can help your business identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

Register your account online here to gain access to Energy Manager


  • Analyze your usage with Load and Usage analysis
  • Download of interval data collected by your smart meter
  • Export reports in PDF or excel formats
  • Collect energy use information and document data over time
  • Identify peak demand and demand patterns
  • Compare the energy usage of your facilities to each other
  • Make changes to your business processes to lower your overall demand and energy costs




All profiles with Medium General Service (MGS), Industrial General Service (IGS) and Large General Service (LGS) accounts have access to see data online.  A CMP profile can have more than one account.