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Maine supports business

Companies with vision flourish in Maine.  CMP supports a strong, healthy economy in Maine by assisting existing customers with expansion, attracting new customers, and promoting economic growth. Review our guide to learn more about how Maine supports its businesses.  

Maine is business ready.  Take a look at some of the benefits enjoyed by Maine’s businesses. 

  • Highly productive labor force with a strong work ethic
  • Some of the lowest wage rates in the Northeast
  • Low absentee and turnover rates
  • Free, pre-employment training
  • Worker’s Compensation reforms which have resulted in a rate decrease of 35.1% since 1994
  • Financial incentives including income tax credits and tax breaks
  • One of the nation’s most advanced and reliable telecommunications networks
  • No state tax on interstate calls
  • Easy access to domestic and global markets
  • Industrial electric rates that are the lowest in New England
  • Reliable electricity capacity (Maine is a net exporter of electricity)
  • Off-the-shelf programs and incentives for business growth from CMP