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brought to you by your smart meter!
Energy Manager

What is Energy Manager?
Energy Manager works with your smart meter to show you your electricity use online.  Ever wonder how much electricity you use in a day? Now you can see how much electricity you use day-by-day, hour-by-hour.

  • Within 24 hours of enrolling in Energy Manager, you will see your electricity use. Energy Manager is easy to use - simply access it  through this link and your data will be securely displayed for you to see.

What you will see?

  • Your electricity consumption by Year, Month, Day, and Hour
  • Energy actions and tips that you can use to manage your electricity use
  • Comparisons to households like yours
  • Your cost of electricity consumption

Download My Data
What is “Download My Data”?
You can now download up to 13 months of historical hourly electricity usage data captured by your smart meter!   Your data is available in .csv format for your own analysis or in .xml format to be used with Green Button apps that can be found on-line.  You must be enrolled in Energy Manager to download data. 

What is “Green Button”?
This green symbol is for “Green Button”, which is the name of a common technical standard created by the utility industry to provide standardized electricity usage data to customers.  When utility customers have access to standardized data more and more apps will become available to analyze that data.  There are already some apps available and there will be more as utility companies implement smart meters and app developers imagine and create innovative ways for customers to manage their electricity usage. 


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