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Customer Information for Your Electricity Delivery Service
Delivery rates are approved by the Maine Public Utilities Commission.  For bills that cover both electricity supply and CMP delivery,   CMP forwards energy-supply payments to the appropriate energy provider.  For a schedule of CMP delivery rates, call 1-800-750-4000.  Our TTY number for the deaf  is 1-800-445-5631.


CMP’s Delivery Role Under Maine Law
The State of Maine changed the electricity-utility business as of March 1, 2000.  The law now separates electric supply from its delivery.  You may choose a competitive energy provider, or automatically take energy from the Standard Offer provider.  CMP no longer generates electricity.  We operate the system that delivers your electricity, and we service your account.

To ask a question or dispute a bill, you can call 1-800-750-4000, send us an e-mail, or write to CMP Customer Service at 83 Edison Drive, Augusta, ME  04336.

Planning a Move?
If you are planning a move and would like to end service, we make it easy for you. Simply
click here to access our convenient Ending Service form.

Payment Arrangements
If you have trouble paying your bill, a payment plan may help. Call 1-800-686-4044 for more information or learn more about available assistance programs.

Late Payment Charge
Bills are due on receipt.  A late charge of 0.949% will be applied each month to the unpaid balance after 25 days from the bill postmark.

Report a Power Outage
Call 1-800-696-1000.  If call volume is heavy, an automated system will log your call and generate a repair order.

Sales-Tax Exemption
Maine sales tax does not apply to the first 750 kilowatt-hours(KWH) of residential usage.

What’s a kilowatt-hour?
Electric power is measured in watts.  1000 watts of power used for 1 hour is a kilowatt-hour (KWH) of energy.  Example: a 100 watt bulb lit for 10 hours uses 1 KWH of energy.

Estimated Bills
When we cannot read your meter, we will estimate your usage for  the month.  You have the right to read your own meter.  Call us at 1-800-750-4000 for more information.

Avoid Winter Disconnection

Click here for more information on how to avoid winter disconnection.