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Efficiency Maine is the independent administrator for energy efficiency programs in Maine. Efficiency Maine’s mission is to lower the cost and environmental impacts of energy in Maine by promoting cost-effective energy efficiency and alternative energy systems. Efficiency Maine does this primarily by delivering rebates on the purchase of high-efficiency lights and equipment to help customers save electricity, natural gas and heating fuels throughout the Maine economy.

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Efficiency Maine is governed by a stakeholder Board of Trustees with oversight from the Maine Public Utilities Commission. Find out more about energy saving opportunities at your home or business by clicking on the links below that will take you to the Efficiency Maine website.

Incentives for Homeowners and Renters

Efficiency Maine provides incentives for qualifying high-efficiency lighting, appliances, water heaters, ductless heat pumps, and more.

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Incentives for Businesses

Maine businesses, non-profits and institutions can save with qualifying high-efficiency lighting, heat pumps and equipment.

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Start Saving on Water Heating Costs

Heat pump water heaters are an exciting new technology that is a great fit for many Maine homeowners. Heat pump water heaters typically cost half as much to operate as traditional electric resistance water heaters, and can save you as much as $2,500 over the lifetime of the unit.

To find out more about heat pump water heaters and available incentives, click here to visit There you’ll find the “Compare Water Heating Options” tool which will help you estimate how much you could save with a heat pump water heater. On the Efficiency Maine website you’ll also find tools to help you find heat pump water heater retailers and installers.

Join the thousands of Maine homeowners and renters who are saving on water heating costs and find out more about other energy efficiency opportunities and incentives by going to their website at or by calling Efficiency Maine at 866-376-2463.

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