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CMP's Tree Care Program Helps Keep the Lights On

Each year, CMP's qualified contractors prune and remove trees along thousands of miles of public roads to provide you with safe, reliable electric delivery service.  With over 23,000 miles of lines, keeping trees properly trimmed is a responsibility we take seriously. 

CMP's 2017 Tree Care Areas

Our Tree Care experts may be working in your neighborhood.  For information about towns that are scheduled for tentative Tree Care activities in 2017 click here.

CMP's Tree Care Customer Contact Program

If you would like CMP to consult with you before pruning near your home or business, fill out the online form.  We will contact property owners as requested unless trees cause outages or pose an immediate hazard to public safety or service reliability.  When we perform emergency tree work, we will not be able to consult property owners in advance.

Planting Trees

To minimize the chance of tree-related power interruptions it’s best not to plant new trees under power lines.  We have tips to help you plant trees that won't interfere with power lines. 

For more information about planting trees, The National Arbor Day Foundation is a great resource.  Visit their Web site at or call 1-888-448-7337.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of frequently asked questions about CMP’s Tree Care program please click here.

Maine Arborist Association

The Maine Arborist Association (MAA) is a non-profit membership association that creates safety & educational programs and helps to develop tree care practice and management information for arborists and tree care specialists in the state of Maine.  For more information about the MAA and for a list of qualified arborists in your area, click here.

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did you know?

Our Tree Care program helped lower tree related outages by 30% since 2008.